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So here was our dilemma.. Education is absolutely KEY to developing any skill, right? But so many colour courses were full of incredibly heavy science and what felt like intimidatingly strict "don't do's", which can leave us feeling like we've just got an "F" in chemistry. But guess what.. Sh*t happens, hair doesn't always lift how we want it to, we over promise when we shouldn't and colours DO go wrong.

So why is nobody addressing that?

So here we are, addressing it.

We have put together real and honest courses, full of quick and easy techniques, application tips and tricks, consultation guidance and the type of theory that WILL actually help you through this era of ever growing, amazing but demanding trends.

SNM Education Courses

Theres no hiding from it, Balayage is here and its here to stay. As the trend continues to evolve, we are bombarded with so many images! One with largely stretched roots -tipping more towards ombre ..and another with mildly shadowed roots  -which looks more like a "lived in" set of hi lights.

So with all these different images booked into your column under "Balayage", where do you start? 

This course is designed for any colourist, if your new to Balayage or Babylights, or just wanting to expand your knowledge and get your techniques perfect!


•Both our Balayage and Babylight techniques and how to cooporate the two. 

•Our latest "Chunky Balayage" placement. (This technique will take a maximum of 45mins to apply).

•How to get that “seamless” blend.

•Colour theory and how to use it effectively to achieve those Insta worthy colours.

•Understanding clients “goal” images and which techniques to use to achieve them.

•Consultation guidance and how to deal with those “high expectation” clients.


1 day | 10am - 5pm


2019 DATES

Monday 17th June

Remember that moment when your clients bleach lifted to a "slim shady" yellow? Yep, we've all been there.. But, do you know how to correct it?

This course is designed to home in on your colour knowledge and how to use it effectively to achieve those "must have" fashion colors (greys/silvers/pastels), how to get a more natural tone and how to create a root shadow whilst toning!


•How to choose the correct tone every time.

•Understanding the colour wheel and how it can literally, save your butt!

•Toning, blending and melting techniques.

•Bleach work -What level of lift is needed for each tone. Which developer is needed on virgin, tinted or already bleached hair.
•How to deal with bands.

•Dealing with bands before a Balayage service.
•How to deal with breakage and preventing breakage.
•Consultation guidance -how to deal with “high expectation” clients, deciding who to say “yes” or “no” to and how to cover yourself at every stage of their colour journey.


1 day | 10am - 5pm



Monday 3rd June

You know you're a 90's kid if you can still recite all of the lyrics to "Under The Sea" like its 1990. Recently, our social media feeds have been full of long, glossy "mermaid" waves that merge casual beach vibes with the spirit of a Hippie. But none of us actually got taught how to do it! This course is will teach you 3 different techniques to give you a better understanding of the different looks and how to achieve them.


•"S-Shape" Wave | "Lived in" Wave | "Beach" Wave

•Sectioning patterns and angles.

•How to deal with different hair textures.

•Understanding which technique to use for desired finish.

•How to get your wave to hold for longer.

•How to get the wave to sit correctly.

 •Tool & Product recommendations.


3 Hours | 10am-1pm



Monday 8th July


Unit 3 Little Hyde Hall

Hatfield Heath Road, Sawbridgeworth


CM21 9HX



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